Private Tour and Guided Visit Provence French Riviera – France


Day-trip, Half-day Trip and evening to visit French Riviera and Provence in 8 seaters Van with Wifi !

As individual or group, book now an authentic and original guided visit of Provence and French Riviera History and Nature.

Guided Tour in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur prepared by a local guide, you can ask for us your dream tour, we will propose a personalized visit.

Contact us for a professionnal and experiment advice.

Lead by a Local Licensed English speaking Tourist Guide in a Confortable Van,we insure you and amasing Tour !


Private tour Personalisation in French Riviera and Provence

A couple of Private Tour ideas …

TOUR 1 : Cannes Panorama and History

Visit Cannes famous place of Festival international du film.

Old middle age town, Palais des festival with red carpet, the famous street la Croisette wiith palace and luxury shops, wine tasting in the islands, amasing yatchs along the port…

This wonderfull little town is welcoming tourist since 1834 because of a wonderfull climate and a hight quality of services.

Private Tour to visit Cannes with Excursions Ronda Tour Cannes

TOUR 2 : Eze, Corniche and Monaco

Monaco is one of the most Touristic place in French Riviera. You will see the Formula 1 Race, Prince palace, oceanografic museum, Casino and palace in Monte-Carlo with supercars.

Enjoy the 3 “corniches” to join Monaco from Nice including amasings panoramas. Visit EZE, Middle-age fortified village at the top of a 400m high rock.

Private Tour to visit Eze, Monaco and Monte-Carlo with Excursions Ronda Tour Cannes

TOUR 3 : Antibes and Port Vauban

Last french fortified city along French Riviera coast before Italy, Antibes was a very important military place until Nice become french in 1860.

Enjoy the fortified door entrance, fortified wall around the old town, cathedral, provencal Market. In front of sea side, watching French Alps, you will love Antibes.

Private Tour to visit Antibes and Port Vauban with Excursions Ronda Tour Cannes

TOUR 4 : Marseille and Cassis

Marseille, second french biggest town, and 1000 years of differents civilisations is unique.

Visit “basilique Notre Dame de la Garde”, the port, the sea road. Cassis calanque with wonderfull natural landscapes.
Cap Canaille with the amazing panoramic road.

Private Tour to visit Marseille and Cassis with Excursions Ronda Tour Cannes

TOUR 5 : Monaco le Rocher and Monte-Carlo

Monaco is one of the most Touristic place in French Riviera.

You will see the Formula 1 Race, Prince palace, oceanografic museum, Casino and palace in Monte-Carlo with supercars.

Private Tour to visit Monaco and Monte Carlo with Excursions Ronda Tour Cannes

TOUR 6 : Saint Paul de Vence and Gourdon

Chagal has choosed Saint Paul de Vence in French Riviera country side to end his days. Follow the artist step and discover an authentical fortified middle age town.

Enjoys the small street full of modern artists and shops, in the middle of a 800 years old architecture.

Gourdon, high top middle-age village in “Gorges du Loup” will enjoy your curiosity and offer you a 80km panoramic view on the french Riviera Coast

Private Tour to visit St Paul de Vence and Gourdon with Excursions Ronda Tour Cannes

TOUR 7 : Gorges du Verdon, Moustiers Saintes Marie and Lavender Fields

One tof the most wonderfull natural landscape in south east of France is following the river “Le verdon”. We will folow this green/blue river in the left side of the Gorges to end in Lake de Sainte Croix. We will stop many times to let you enjoy the view.

Discover Moustiers Sainte Marie history and Provence authenticity .
Lavender Fields in Valensole.

Private Tour to visit Gorges du Verdon, Moustiers Ste Marie and Lavender Fields with Excursions Ronda Tour Cannes

TOUR 8 : Saint Tropez and Provence Wine Tastingg

Small fishersman place during the winter, International place to be during the summer time, St Tropez is lovely to visit, all year long…

Private beach, Yatch, Shops, provencal village and market will be your day tour during this trip.

Wine tasting of Vins de Provence

Private Tour to visit Saint Tropez and Taste Provence Wine with Excursions Ronda Tour Cannes

TOUR 9 : Nice

Nice is today the fifth biggest city in France welcoming tourist from all over the world.

Discover Place Massena, Old Town, Flower market in Cours Saleya, Castle hill, Water mirror in Promenade du Paillon, Promenade des anglais and Palaces

Many museums : Marc Chagal, Matisse, MAMAC, Phenix parc

Private Tour to visit Nice with Excursions Ronda Tour Cannes

TOUR 10 : Grasse and Historical Perfume Factory

Grasse, International perfume place !

Between Cannes and french Alps begining, Grasse is offering some wonderfull views. Visit the old middle age town and one of the 3 perfume factory (Gallimard, Fragonard or Molinard).

Create you own perfume with Ronda Tour.

Private Tour to visit Grasse and Perfume Factorys with Excursions Ronda Tour

TOUR 11 : From Cannes to St Raphaël driving along “Corniche d’Or”

One of the most Beautifull road in france, Unique landscape.

From St-Raphael à Mandelieu between turquoise sea, ocre rock in Estérel and Azur sky, corniche d’or is following the natural old volcanos in massif de l’Esterel.

Private Tour to visit “Corniche d’Or” with Excursions Ronda Tour

TOUR 12 : Olive secrets in Nice Country-side

L’olive de Nice, Appellation d’Origine Protégée (AOP) is an important symbol of local food.

In Nice Country Side, hundred or thousand years old Olive trees are still part of local economy and way of cooking.

With this private tour, we would like to show how olive was transformed before, how it was a big part of past economy and of course help you tasting the best local products around “Olive de Nice”

Private Tour to discover Nice Olive Secrets with Excursions Ronda Tour Cannes

TOUR 13 : Provence Wine Tasting and Cistercien Abbey

The Thoronet Abbey (classified French Historical Monument) is a marvel of architecture and acoustics culture, hidden in the heart of the forest of Provence and surrounded by vineyards. It is one of the three Cistercian abbeys of Provence.

Taste the famous Wines of Provence in a vineyard near the abbey.

Private Tour to taste Provence Wine and Visit Cistercien Abbey with Excursions Ronda Tour Cannes

Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur in France is a wonderfull place, do not miss it !

Be leaded by Ronda Tour, you won’t be disapointed.

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